Grand Feast of Light to be Presented by LPWA in ICIS/ICE, 2014


Grand Feast of Light to be Presented by LPWA  in ICIS/ICE, 2014

October 8, 2014 Lanzhou, China. The Light Painting World Alliance (www.lpwalliance.com) announces the first Chinese exhibition of light painting photography from artists across the globe. The exhibition, which is the largest and most visited gallery in Lanzhou and is sponsored by Gansu Provincial Government, China and Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO), will be taking place at the Crown Plaza Lanzhou, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China. The exhibition is an important part of 7th International Culture Expo and will be held from October 8 through October 11. In total, forty artists from seventeen countries will be participating in the event. Six artists from China will have their work exhibited. This event is held in accordance with promotion program of UNESCO for International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies 2015 (www.light2015.org) , to attract more people to light importance in our lives.

Light painting is an artistic photographic technique where light sources are manually applied by photographers to a single long exposure frame, usually in complete darkness. First invented by Man Ray as a technique he called space writing, with the advent of digital photography, light painting has evolved to become a genre that is growing in sophistication and popularity across the globe. Light painting photographs are often mistaken for being photoshopped due to the surreal and psychedelic effects that are created. Artists use a variety of light sources from simple flashlights, lasers and LED lights to ignited steel wool, electric wire and pyrotechnics to illuminate their photographic composition, but they do not use post-processing software to enhance their photographs in any way.

The Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) is an international self-juried guild of established and emerging professional light painting photographers. The LPWAs purpose is to promote light painting as an art form as well as to promote the works of artist members.  For just 3 years LPWA organized four world light painting exhibitions (in Russia, India, France, Spain and Hong Kong) and a lot of local special events.

The photographs chosen for the Lanzhou exhibition were selected because of their outstanding contribution to the advancement of light painting as an art form. What is most unique about this exhibition is that instead of looking at photographic prints, the gallery audience will be viewing the works of art on large screen monitors. The reason for this unique display format is to show the unique glow light painting photographs exude when viewed in digital format.

There also will be interesting activity of LPWA China Representative Roy Wang C the light painting live show in photo booth, where visitors could see how to paint with light be themselves and get light painting portrait.

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